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Capture the present moment

Shooting session outdoors

This photoshoot is specially concocted for you who want a cheap book while making you happy.

100€ / Shooting session

  • 1O Edit pictures
  • + 12 € / Additional photos
  • Location of your choice

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video reportage

I will follow you closely while remaining discreet in order to capture the best moments of each event and pay attention to all details.
I will be able to bring history to life.

PRICE / on estimate

  • 1 Realistic reportage
  • Pay attention to details
  • Event of your choice

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Want to highlight your favorite product, brand, trip, event, or every kind of idea you have in mind? This style is for you. Video in music is the key.

PRICE / on estimate

  • 1 Rhythmic video
  • 1 Montage that suits you
  • Event of your choice

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Who am I ?

Film, edit, write, photograph, so many ways of creating that allows me to express myself!

After a life spent in the restaurant business; a single year of traveling the world by photographing and filming my experiences pushes me to retrain my career to finally develop my passion!

My greatest strength is reflected in my continual desire to learn more and to improve myself with each new creation.

My creative spirit long put aside and my attentive listening to your most repressed desires are today at your disposal for visual creations that correspond to YOU!

My skills, my strengths, my passion are at your service so do not deprive yourself!

Tony Galiano, Shooting Life Photographer-Videographer


Personal photo book

Below, Some photos representing my style and my personality!
It’s up to you to define if it corresponds to your wishes and your personality.

Tony Galiano






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Mail :

Phone : 0782157686

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